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Nursing Home Abuse

Justice for Nursing Home Abuse Cases in Columbia

In the United States, the fastest growing population is the elderly. Nursing homes are filling up with our parents, grandparents and other family members who need additional care. We trust these specialized caregivers to look after our loved ones’ needs. While many assisted living centers offer their residents the best possible care, nearly 30 percent of all facilities are cited with allegations of abuse or neglect. According the Nursing Home Abuse Resource, 54 of the 180 South Carolina nursing homes may face abuse citations. Sadly, many abuses and instances of neglect go unreported.

You Need an Experienced Attorney to Fight Against Abuse

The Law Office of Robert Dodson, P.A. will not stand by while your loved ones are victimized by the people who are supposed to take care of them. If you suspect that your family member is suffering from abuse or neglect at the hands of a nursing home care technician, contact us today.

Recognizing the Signs

It is difficult to think that your parent or grandparent may be abused. However, it is vital to recognize the signs of mistreatment and contact a nursing home abuse attorney immediately. Common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include:​

  • Bed sores or pressure sores that go untreated
  • Cuts, bruises, or welts
  • Torn clothing
  • Broken personal effects
  • Decubitus ulcers
  • Sudden or excessive weight loss
  • Fleas, lice, dirt on elder or in the elder's room
  • Unusually pale complexion
  • Poor personal hygiene or other hygiene problems
  • Unattended health problems
  • Foul odors from urine or feces

What You Can Do to Help

  • Take pictures of any bruises, welts, broken items or ripped clothing
  • Look for sudden weight loss
  • Make note of the date and time you notice the signs
  • Talk to nurses about your concerns
  • Listen to your loved one – they may try to tell you about the neglect
  • Contact the Law Offices of Robert Dodson immediately

Elder Abuse Is an Atrocious Act

We conduct an immediate comprehensive investigation into the abuse claim and the nursing home personnel. We have experience fighting for abuse victims’ rights. The safety of your family member should not be compromised.